6 Underrated Spanish Movies You Don’t Want to Miss

The Spanish-speaking cinema has made some outstanding movies over time. Not long ago, shows like La Casa de Papel reigned in everyone’s hearts. However, many have forgotten the gems produced by the Spanish industry. Also, they don’t get the deserving hype. 

However, Spanish movies have resurfaced on the global map. Owing to quality content and production, Spanish movies are second to none. 

Whether you’re craving rom-coms, action-thrillers, or violent movies, Spanish movies have your backs. This article opens a treasure chest of Spanish movies. Movies that are worth every second. Stick to us as we embark on the journey to review the long-forgotten Spanish movies. So, without further delay, let’s get to it:

The Spirit of the Beehive (1973): 

Quite an old movie, yet totally relevant to today’s society. The movie revolves around the story of a little girl living under Franco’s oppressive regime in the 1940s. She took her inspiration from the movie Frankenstein. 

Absurdly, she met a strange soldier on the run from Franco’s army. Surprisingly, she hides the soldier from her family, owing to the hate she has for the regime. This movie is a great depiction of how the brutal world unfolds for a little girl.

Belle Epoque (1994): 

The movie is set in 1931, where a deserted soldier is given shelter by an old man. Interestingly, the old man has four daughters, and each one of them is more beautiful than the other. The soldier falls in love with every one of them until he realizes that the youngest one is the perfect fit for him.

Many will think of this movie as an action movie where a soldier is on the run. However, that’s totally opposite to what the movie actually is. This movie actually falls in the category of rom-com. Surprised? Well, watch it to learn how amazing it is!

Death of a Cyclist (1955): 

This movie rightly deserves a place in Spanish national heritage. With a lot of twists and turns, it leaves the audience scratching their heads. The story starts with a professor, Juan, and his married lover, Maria.

Accidentally, they run over a cyclist and leave him there to die. None of them wanted to confess the act as both would lose everything. Jose feared losing his respected status in society. 

In comparison, Maria didn’t want to leave the wealthy lifestyle his husband provided. However, interference from a friend changed Jose’s heart to confess to the crime and expose Maria.

This movie is a must-watch for anyone craving a spicy thriller. You’ll be left baffled seeing how the lovers turn out against each other. Also, you might be thinking about where to watch such movies. Don’t ponder over this question too much as we got you covered. We know exactly where you can find exceptional Spanish movies.

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The Orphanage (2007): 

One thing that’s missing in the majority of horror movies is emotions. Full of frightening scenes, yet nothing about human emotions. However, this movie is scary, yet emotional at the same time.

The plot revolves around a woman named Laura. She spent her childhood in an orphanage home. As she got married, she adopted a child named Simon. Everything works fine until Simon finds that he has HIV. Moreover, he got distanced from the rest as he thought of himself differently.

As a result, things heat up between Laura and Simon. Eventually, Simon goes missing and that’s when Laura starts to have visions of her time spent at the orphanage. This movie is perfect for someone who’s looking for a horror movie with an exceptional story and cinematography.

The Sea Inside (2004): 

TheSpanish film industry should be crowned for making movies on unorthodox topics. The Sea Inside is a perfect depiction of such movies featured in Spanish cinemas. Javier Bardem plays the role of the protagonist Ramon Sampedro. 

Playing the character of a dignified man, Ramon decides to end his life. However, he doesn’t want it to end disgracefully. He fought a decades-long battle to win the right to end his life with dignity.

This movie portrays the struggles of a common man who’s adamant about getting what’s his. Also, this movie can get quite emotional at times.

Summer 1993 (2017): 

This story is about a young girl who is sent to live with her uncle’s family after her mother’s death. However, the contrasting difference between the two lifestyles takes a toll on the little girl. Beautiful cinematography and an exceptional storyline make it more interesting. Also, this film showcases the struggles of a young girl with nothing to her name.

Closing Up: 

Spanish movies don’t lack anything. From screenplay to dialogues and cinematography to storylines, there’s everything. If you’re a starter, watch these epics as they’ll help develop a taste. Afterward, we assure you there’s no coming back. 

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