Catch the Fair One (2022)

Catch the Fair One (2022) Movie Cast, Story And Reviews

“Catch the Fair One” is an upcoming American thriller movie directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka and written by Josef Kubota Wladyka and C. E. Gatchalian. The movie follows the story of a former boxer named Kaylee “K.O.” Upperman, who embarks on a mission to find her missing sister, who she believes has been taken by human traffickers. The movie is set to release on June 10, 2022.


Here are the actors and their respective roles in “Catch the Fair One”:

  • Kali Reis as Kaylee “K.O.” Upperman
  • Tiffany Chu as Natalie Upperman
  • Kimiye Corwin as Teresa
  • Daniel Henshall as Eric
  • Kevin Dunn as Bob McPherson
  • Ritchie Coster as Terry Donohue
  • Michael Drayer as Billy

Kali Reis, who plays the lead role of Kaylee “K.O.” Upperman, is a professional boxer and former World Boxing Council (WBC) champion. The movie marks her acting debut.

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Kaylee “K.O.” Upperman is a former boxer who now works as a private investigator. When her younger sister, Natalie, goes missing, Kaylee sets out to find her. She soon discovers that Natalie has been taken by human traffickers and is being held captive in a brothel. Kaylee infiltrates the brothel and discovers a dark world of sex trafficking and exploitation.

Kaylee’s search for her sister takes her on a dangerous journey through the criminal underworld, where she confronts corrupt cops, ruthless pimps, and violent gang members. She uses her fighting skills to take down her enemies and rescue her sister from the clutches of the traffickers.

Reviews and Expectations

“Catch the Fair One” has received positive reviews from critics who have seen it at film festivals. The movie has been praised for its tense atmosphere, gripping storyline, and Kali Reis’s impressive performance. The movie has been described as a raw and gritty thriller that pulls no punches in its depiction of the horrors of human trafficking.

Fans of thriller movies are eagerly anticipating the release of “Catch the Fair One” and are excited to see Kali Reis in her acting debut. The movie has generated buzz for its intense action sequences and realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld.

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