The Most Popular Digital Hobbies of Indians

Indians are some of the most hardworking people in the world. They like to put their best foot forward when they’re running their businesses, or working for any sort of company. Their technology and sciences departments are some of the most successful departments in the world. In short, they like doing a hard day’s work.

When they have some free time, they like to spend that time doing something they enjoy. They can engage in activities that help them relax. Alternatively, they can do something that helps them express themselves creatively or learn a couple of new skills. Knowing the hardworking spirit of Indians, they’re likely to combine different types of hobbies so they can enjoy a productive day. 

They spend a significant amount of time online regardless if they’re working or not. So, they’ll have a couple of digital hobbies in mind. Some of them will help them take a breather while others will make them better professional in their fields of work. Without further ado, below are some of the most popular digital hobbies Indians like to do in their free time.


Indians like to play games as much as any gamer in the world. It’s the ultimate hobby that helps them relax. Since they follow international trends, Indian gamers prefer playing their favorite titles online. They’re into games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends and others. Aside from playing titles on their PC, they like gaming on the go. In other words, they’re into mobile gaming as they have a couple of gaming apps on their smartphones.

Platformers are another kind of titles popular with Indian gamers and so are web browser titles. There’s even a niche group of casino gamers. In other words, these are people who like playing casino games online. Luckily, many websites cater to such individuals. They will have a bunch of popular titles such as slots and table games. In addition to these classics live casino real money India platforms will offer several versions of live titles. Players can enjoy these titles with bonuses and promotions, as well as their favorite banking options. To top it off, these platforms offer customer support and keep players safe 24/7.

Some Indian gamers might like the quiet respite of single-player games. There are plenty of such titles available and they can go for new ones, or search for something from back in the day. 

Watching TV Shows and Films on Streaming Platforms

Binge-watching your favorite TV show is one of the most popular hobbies today. It’s no wonder that Indians have accounts with many streaming services to get access to some of the top films and TV series. They can get into their favorite genre or try something new like a horror flick, fantasy film, drama movie, and so on. When it comes to TV shows, Indians enjoy the fact that the platform remembers what they watched last and has the next episode ready. They have access to local and international titles too. These platforms also offer a personalized approach to their users offering suggestions based on the things they’ve enjoyed. 

Connecting on Social Media

As mentioned before, Indians are some of the most tech-savvy individuals, which is why they have a digital presence on social media. They’ll have accounts on X, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. They will use these platforms to socialize with friends and family by sharing videos and sending messages as well as memes and various images. Social media also gives them the chance to become members of various online communities. Once there, they can connect with like-minded individuals.

Aside from socializing on these platforms, Indians can take a different approach and become influencers. They can use their social media account to market other people’s products and services. When they’ve had enough experience, they can even start their brand. In other words, they can turn this hobby into a profitable pastime, and even a business. India has a couple of influencers that have started small, and now have their brands. Aside from relaxing after a hard day’s work, Indians like to be productive even in their free time.

Online Learning

Some like to get to the next step of the corporate ladder by learning new skills online. Thanks to the rise of various online learning platforms, Indians can learn various things and improve. They can learn skills that help them become better at their day-to-day jobs. Aside from that, they can get into marketing, and coding, and even cover classic skills like learning the Microsoft package, how computers work, learning different operating systems, and more. These courses give out certifications upon completion and help Indians learn valuable skills. They can stick to the skills they know and upgrade them, or they can learn something entirely new. 

Expressing Themselves Creatively

To remain creative you have to express yourself creatively. Indians like to do so as well, and they have a couple of creative hobbies. Blogging and vlogging are some of the most common ways they express themselves. However, they’ve been known to produce digital sketches and paintings on various platforms. Photography is another one of their expressive hobbies. They can learn how to do it online via a course or by incorporating online advice. Aside from creating stuff, they can share their creations via various social media.

Bottom Line

Indians like to delve into a variety of digital hobbies when they’re online. Socializing via social media with their friends and creating their brands is one of them. Aside from that, they like learning various skills that help them do better in the job market. To remain creative, they have a hobby or two that keeps them on their toes. From time to time, they binge their favorite TV series and get into different genres of films. Finally, they like to play video games for fun or to become the next top e-sports athlete. These are some of the most popular digital hobbies of Indians.

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