Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With 918Kiss: Beginner’s Guide 2024

Starting new at any online casino can be challenging. You have to deal with a completely new interface, with different games, and start everything from scratch. However, few online casinos are easy to adapt to, such casinos also offer convenient interfaces, transparent policies, and everything that can help the players to get started. 

918Kiss is one of the online casinos that allows players to easily join the platform to enjoy a premium gaming experience. The digital gambling platform has everything perfectly designed. 

From top-notch premium quality games to exceptional customer services that are available for the players at all times, you will find everything perfectly managed at 918Kiss making it one of the best online casinos. Though playing at 918Kiss is easy, there are certain things that you must know before you get started with the journey. 

So what are various aspects you as a beginner must know while playing at 918Kiss? If that’s the question on your mind, keep reading! We will discuss everything you need to know to start at 918Kiss. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the prime discussion!

1. Setting Up Your 918Kiss Account 

Before you start playing at 918Kiss, the first and foremost thing you would need to do is have an account. To create an account, you would need to visit the official website of 918Kiss and sign up. The sign-up process is extremely simple with 918Kiss and the online casino doesn’t ask for a bunch of personal questions.

Once you have entered all of the required details, your signup process is complete and the next thing you would want to do is verify all the details you have submitted to 918Kiss. After the process of verification is done, you are free to start your casino journey without any inconvenience.

2. Downloading The Official Application Of 918Kiss

After you’re done with the whole process of signing up to 918Kiss, the next thing you need to do is download the official application on your mobile phone. The application of 918Kiss is highly compatible and works on almost every mobile phone out there. However, the methods to download the application are slightly different for both iOS and Android.

For iOS users, you would have to visit the website of 918Kiss and click on the iOS download option. Furthermore, you would have to trust the application from settings before you launch it. However, for Android, you can download the APK file from the official website of the online casino. Once downloaded, simply install and start your casino journey instantly.

3. Practicing With Test IDs

Once you are all set with signing up and installing the application of 918Kiss, you are left with two options, sign in with the account that you made or test the online casino for a while. If you are a beginner at online casinos and haven’t played casino games up until now, it’s best to practice with the test ID of 918Kiss. 

With the test ID of 918Kiss, players are free to explore all sorts of games at the online casino for free. All you need to do is log in with the test ID credentials that you can easily find on the official website of 918Kiss. However, it’s essential to mention that the games you are playing with the test ID aren’t rewarding you with real money as you are exploring the collection of games for free.

The main use of the test ID of 918Kiss can be to explore a dynamic collection of games that is hard to do without investing any money. You can also use the test ID to develop different game strategies that you can use while playing for real money. So if you want to explore 918Kiss and not pay at all, then the test IDs are perfect for you.

4. Various Bonuses Await You

If you are starting at 918Kiss then you must know about the promotions and incentives that the online casino has for its players. It can be said without a doubt that 918Kiss has the best incentives for its players. The online casino tends to have something for everyone and tries to come up with offers that work best for the players.

When you are signed up with 918Kiss, the first bonus you need to claim is the welcome bonus. This bonus needs to be claimed before the first deposit at the online casino. With the welcome bonus, players get an additional percentage of money as a bonus on their initial deposit. 

However, that’s not all, there are other bonuses available at the online casino as well. Some of them include the reload bonus, birthday bonus, weekly cash back, and more. The best part about these offers is that all the wagering requirements and terms and conditions of these offers are conveniently available on the official website of 918Kiss.

5. Select Your Games Cautiously 

Once you are done with the setting up of your account, the next and final stage you would be moving into would be gaming at 918Kiss. You will find thousands of games available at 918Kiss and most of them would be appealing in their way. However, you must choose the right ones for yourself. 

Don’t select the games that just look good, try to research a little on the games. Learn different aspects of the games and what it offers to the players. You can even use the test ID to try the games before investing real money. Moreover, know the games you want to play. Start by selecting a category of games and then do your research on them before diving all in.

If you are looking for slot games, you need to do a little research on the RTP and volatility that the game offers to the players. Most of the beginners starting ignore both aspects of a slot game. Furthermore, if you are looking for live dealer games or table games, try searching for games with the lowest house edge as those games will grant you the highest return.


Starting your journey at 918Kiss is no rocket science. From the signing up process to installing the official application of 918Kiss and playing games, everything is as simple as it gets. So if you are a beginner who is searching for a reliable online casino to enjoy premium games, 918Kiss is the platform perfect for you.

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