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Instagram video downloader is designed to help users to download Instagram videos freely. Users now don’t have to worry about how they’re gonna get a video from the feed on their device permanently. iGram has provided clients with the help for downloading videos from Instagram easily. iGram is easy to use. We all are aware of the fact that Instagram does not allow its users to download videos from their account feeds. In such a situation users have to get help from a third party or source which may be a downloaded paid app or an online web tool. iGram has provided a web tool called Instagram video download. You all must be thinking of the other option which is screen recording. Well, you can do that but screen recording covers the video in the worst quality, whenever you will start playing that video you will get frustrated by the quality of the clip. So now worry less and get your desired videos on your device with iGram video downloader! saveinsta


As I have already told you guys in the above paragraph, the Instagram video download is extremely easy to use. Creators have created this application in a way that every single person who tries to use this application can easily access it. You guys don’t have to be a tech wizard to run this web tool smoothly. All you have to do is just;

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Look for the video that you wanted to download.
  • Click on the share button, present below the video, and then click on the more button. Save insta
  • There you will see an option of ‘’copy link’’.
  • After that, open your browser and search for the iGram Instagram video downloader.
  • You will be directed to our page, here on the top there will be a toolbar present.
  • Paste the link over there and hit the download button.
  • You will be provided with a list of quality options, select the one which you think suits you more.
  • Again press download and your downloading will begin, and soon after your video will be downloaded on your device successfully.

Instagram Video Download on iPhone, PC and macOS

The process of downloading videos from the Instagram video download is quite the same despite the provided platforms being different. But still, I will talk about these three platforms specifically i.e. macOS, PC, and iPhones.

On iPhones, nothing is different than the Android phones. You don’t have to do something additional to run it on your iPhone. If you satisfy the conditions;

  • You have a proper secure Internet connection on your device.
  • You are aware of the procedure for copying the link of a file.
  • Your device has enough space.
  • The uploaded video that you want to download has a ‘’public’’ status.
  • And you know about the iGram Instagram video downloader.

Instagram Story Downloader

Rest the process is the same. Copy the link of the file that you want on your device permanently. Paste it here on our web page. After which press the download button. Soon your file will be downloaded successfully on your device.

On macOS and PC, the process is no different. You will just experience this application on a bigger screen as compared to Android. Just simply open the Instagram account, look for the video you want to download, copy the link, paste it on our web tool, and hit the download button. That’s it!

Instagram is the world’s largest used application all over the world. But as you all know nothing is perfect in this world, and the same goes for the Instagram application. Instagram has certain restrictions which are for public security purposes, but it sometimes becomes very annoying. Users are not allowed to download any of the media files uploaded on Instagram. But now Instagram Story Downloader provides users with a video downloader. With the help of the video downloader users can download the videos from Instagram on their device easily. The only thing that they have to keep in mind is how they can copy the link to that file. After that, everything will be taken care of by our website! https://saveinsta.vip/

Save Videos

Our administration, Instagram Downloader, might want to advise you that once you download a video from Instagram, it’s essential to regard the maker’s copyright and utilization privileges. You shouldn’t involve the downloaded video for any business or unlawful purposes. Moreover, kindly note that downloading recordings from private records without the record proprietor’s authorization isn’t permitted and could bring about confined admittance to our administration. How about we generally be deferential to others’ content and utilize our apparatuses capably?

Our web tool requests nothing other than to respect the copyright of the owner. Apart from this, you can download whatever video you want from everywhere. Just keep in mind that the status of the file should be ‘’public’’ otherwise posts with the ‘’private’’ status are not available for download!

Is there any limit to the number of downloads that I can make using iGram Video Downloader?

The answer to this query is NO, a big no. The owners have set no limit to the number of downloads you can make using this web tool. You can make limitless downloads of your favorite content using the iGram Video download from the feed of Instagram. The web page was created to help users, not to make them face some annoying and frustrating situations of not being able to make more downloads than a specific number or to provide any personal information or any other requirement made by it other than the link of that media file. So make unlimited downloads without worrying you will run out of the download numbers!

Which devices are more preferred by the iGram Video Downloader?

The best thing about the iGram Video Downloader is that you only have to fulfill two conditions to run this web tool that are

  • Your device has a viable Internet connection.
  • You have the Link to the media file that you wanted to download.

Apart from these two points there is nothing else especially required to run this webpage.

Meaning that this web page is compatible with every platform. No matter what you are using an iPhone, Android, MacOS, PC, laptop, iPad, Tablet, or whatever platform is available to you, iGram can be accessed through it.

Talking about the type of browsers that can run iGram video Downloader then Google Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or every other browser that is used widely by people can run iGram easily!

Why Should I Use iGram Video Downloader?

There is no doubt there are plenty of online web tools available for downloading Instagram videos, but Instagram video download will provide you with some benefits that you may not get on other web tools or downloaders.

  • Your downloading will be safe.
  • The download will occur in the best of its quality.
  • The speed of downloading will be unbelievably fast.
  • iGram downloader will ensure that you will get only that file whose link you have provided. No new additional or unnecessary will be downloaded on your file.
  • No records of your downloads will be kept by the web tool.
  • The iGram Downloader can be run on every device and every browser.


Instagram video download is one of the best downloaders you can get for downloading Instagram media files. All you have to do is just copy the link of the media file and paste it on our web page and soon your file will be downloaded successfully!

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