MyRecover – Software for File Recovery

If you lose important data, this can lead to various unfortunate consequences. The reasons for losing data are may be: hard disk failure, accidental deletion, formatting failure, system crash, etc.

Data recovery is not easy for many computer users, and a professional data recovery software can help a lot. We choose a professional data recovery software MyRecover for you. If you want to recover your data without resorting to complicated methods, this article will provide you with a satisfactory answer.

MyRecover: Professional Windows Data Recovery Software

MyRecover is a professional Windows data recovery software. The function test results show that MyRecover is suitable for a wide range of data loss scenarios. You can see both pros and cons of MyRecover here.


Free version of MyRecover available

Fast recovery speed

High recovery rate

Support all Windows operating systems

Recover over 200 types of file systems


Only for Windows data recovery now

Data Loss Scenarios for MyRecover

You will find that MyRecover offers all Windows Recovery solutions.

Recycle Bin Recovery

Once your Recycle Bin on the desktop is cleaned up, MyRecover can help you get data back from it.

Restore Data from Formatted Disks

MyRecover is able to recover deleted data from formatted disks.

Retrieve Data from Lost Partition

When a partition is lost but the partition files are not overwritten, MyRecover helps you get the files back.

Windows Data Recovery After System Crash

When you are unfortunate enough to encounter BSOD, computer crash, system inaccessibility and other problems that lead to data loss, let MyRecover help you recover all the lost data.

Windows Data Recovery After Virus Attack

Trojan, malware, worms, and many other virus attack may delete your files on computer. MyRecover can help you recover data lost due to virus attacks.

Function Test on MyRecover

The steps to use MyRecover are very simple. We downloaded the MyRecover software from the official MyRecover website on our Windows computer and followed the instructions to install it step by step.

To test it, I selected some PDF files from my computer’s hard disk for deletion, and then I would like to try to recover them using MyRecover.

Test Process

The test begins. MyRecover has recognized all the computer’s hard disks and all external disks connected to the computer. Then, I hovered the mouse over the drive that saved PDF files before, and it showed a Scan icon. Just hover mouse on the drive where the PDF file was previously saved and click to complete the one-click scan.

MyRecover’s Quick Scan and Deep Scan features are activated. All lost files on the scanned hard disk are found.

Here I want to show you the Search and Filter features in MyRecover.

Once I click on the “Type” menu, I see many different file types. If the “Document” option is selected, only document files will be displayed.

After I type PDF in the search box, I find all the deleted PDF files.

You can also try the “Data Modification” filter. Options like Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days and customization are all provided. You can also try the “Size” filter to find it.

The scanning results came back and I selected the deleted PDF files I wanted to recover by checking the boxes next to them. Then, I chose another path to save the recoverable PDF files to avoid data overwriting. Just press the Recover x files button, these files are recovered at a high speed. The test results showed that MyRecover performed the file recovery task successfully and quickly.

Test Result

From the above test, I can see that MyRecover can fully recognize and analyze my hard drive in a professional and analytical way. MyRecover has many features that make the recovery process easier and more user-friendly. Thus, MyRecover is a reliable choice for file recovery.

Final Words

MyRecover is a professional Windows file recovery software. One look at MyRecover shows that it has unique benefits and powerful features that allow you to recover files safely and efficiently.

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