Udeekan Teriyan (2023)

Udeekan Teriyan (2023) Punjabi Movie Cast, story And Reviews

Udeekan Teriyan is an upcoming Punjabi movie set to be released in 2023. The movie is directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary and produced by Rakesh Upadhyay. The movie features an ensemble cast of popular Punjabi actors including Gurnam Bhullar and Sonam Bajwa in the lead roles.

The movie revolves around the story of a young couple, Gurnam Bhullar and Sonam Bajwa, who fall in love with each other. However, their love story faces many obstacles, including family opposition and societal norms. Despite all the challenges, they decide to fight for their love and stand by each other through thick and thin.

Gurnam Bhullar plays the role of Gurnam, a young man who comes from a humble background and aspires to become a successful singer. Sonam Bajwa plays the character of Sonam, a confident and independent woman who is pursuing her dreams. The chemistry between the two leads is expected to be a major highlight of the movie.

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The trailer of the movie has received a positive response from the audience, and the movie is expected to be a hit among Punjabi movie lovers. The movie promises to be a heartwarming tale of love and perseverance, with a mix of drama, romance, and emotions.

Overall, Udeekan Teriyan seems to be a promising movie that will resonate with the audience and leave them with a message of love and hope. With its talented cast and a well-crafted storyline, the movie is expected to be a blockbuster in the Punjabi film industry.

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